Sydney’s Harris Park renamed as ‘Little India’

Current Affairs

  • The Australian Government has announced that Harris Park, a suburb of Sydney, will now be known as ‘Little India’.
  • The Little India Cultural Complex will help develop Harris Park’s business district.
  • The first proposal to officially name the area ‘Little India’ was made in 2015. In the last 10 to 15 years it has become a favorite destination for Indian expatriates.
  • Local media reports said the 2021 census showed that 45 percent of Harris Park’s 5,043 residents are of Indian origin.
  • Harris Park is a thriving, dynamic, multicultural hub known for its mix of cultures and large Indian population.
  • During a special event in Sydney, the Prime Minister Modi will engage with members of the Indian community.
  • As per the Australian government’s website, Harris Park has a significant population of Indians and is widely known as an exceptional spot for Indian gastronomy and Indian-run small and mid-sized enterprises.
  • As per the 2021 Census, the number of individuals born in India who currently reside in Australia exceeds 600,000. Approximately 45 percent of the population, which is around 5,000 residents, inhabit the suburb of Harris Park.

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