Maharashtra Government Launched ‘Shasan Aplya Dari’ Initiative to Bring Government Schemes and Services to Citizens’ Doorsteps

Current Affairs

  • The Maharashtra government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, is set to launch a new initiative called ‘Shasan Aplya Dari’ (government at your doorstep).
  • The primary objective of this initiative is to provide citizens with easy access to government schemes and documents, all in one place.
  • District administrations have been directed to organize two-day camps in their respective areas to facilitate the distribution of benefits to approximately 75,000 locals.
  • The inaugural event for this campaign will be held in Satara district, the Chief Minister’s home district.
  • Individuals have to navigate through various bureaucratic procedures and visit multiple offices to access the schemes that they are entitled to.
  • This new campaign seeks to simplify the process by bringing the government directly to the doorsteps of the people.

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