Foundation Day of Jharkhand observed on 15 November

Current Affairs

  • The Jharkhand Foundation Day 2022 is celebrated on November 15. Jharkhand was founded on November 15, 2000. Bihar was made the 28th state of India by the Bihar Reorganization Act.
  • The names like “The Land of Forest” and “Bushland” are used to describe Jharkhand. In northeastern India, it is located. Currently, the states of Jharkhand and Odisha share a border with each other, as well as with Bihar to the north, Uttar Pradesh to the northwest, Chhattisgarh to the west, and West Bengal to the east.

History of Jharkhand :-

  • Jharkhand carved out from Bihar in 2000. Previously, it was a part of the southern half of Bihar. It is the homeland of the tribal’s who had dreamed of a separate state for long.
  • After independence, people of Jharkhand state received little socioeconomic benefit, particularly tribal peoples. According to legend, in the 13th century, Raja Jai Singh Deo of Odisha had declared himself the ruler of Jharkhand.
  • The State of Jharkhand comprises forests of Chhotanagpur plateau and Santhal Pargana and has different cultural traditions. After independence, due to the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha’s regular agitation impelled the government to establish the Jharkhand Area Autonomous Council in 1995 and finally an independent State.

Geography of Jharkhand :-

  • The Koel, Damodar, Brahmani, Kharkai, and Subarnarekha are just a few of the rivers that originate on Jharkhand’s Chota Nagpur Plateau.
  • Their upper watersheds are located in Jharkhand. A large portion of the state is also covered in forest, which is home to populations of Asian elephants and tigers.
  • Red soil is found in the Damodar valley, the Rajmahal area, Koderma, Jhumri Telaiya, Barkagaon.
  • Sandy soil is found in the Mandar hills of Jharkhand in Hazaribagh and Dhanbad.
  • Black soil in the Rajmahal area.

Climate of Jharkhand :-

  • November through February are the months with the coldest temperatures.
  • The hot-weather season lasts from March to mid-June.
  • The southwest monsoon lasts from mid-June to October and brings rainfall in almost all the states.

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