Exercise ‘Prashthan’ conducted by Indian Navy

Current Affairs

  • Indian Navy, other defence, state and civilian agencies conducted a coordinated exercise code-named “Prasthan”’.
  • The exercise was conducted on April 6 in the offshore development area off Maharashtra’s Mumbai.
  • The exercise is held every six months to validate measures and procedures to address contingencies that may occur in oil production platforms.
  • The current exercise was conducted on the Greatdrill Chaaya platform about 30 nm South West of Mumbai harbour.

Offshore Security Exercise “Prasthan”:-

  • The exercise involved countering contingencies like oil platform fire, overboard, oil spill in the area, helicopter emergency, hazardous gas leak, assisting a disabled vessel in the offshore area and medical evacuation of platform crew.
  • Several ships and helicopters from the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Indian Coast Guard, ONGC and Directorate General of Shipping were deployed for the exercise.
  • It was also attended by personnel from Maharashtra Police, Customs, Fisheries Department, Mumbai Port Authority, JN Port Authority and other concerned state and central civic agencies.

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