Country’s Largest and Powerful Wind Turbine installed by Adani Group in Gujrat

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  • Standing 200m tall, towering over the Mundra coastline, is India’s largest Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) commissioned in Gujarat, India.
  • With the final blade in place, the 5.2 MW WTG is the first addition to ANIL’s (Adani New Industries Ltd) product portfolio.
  • This prototype by Mundra Windtech Limited (MWL) is taller than the world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity (182m), with blades bigger than the wingspan of a Boeing 747.
  • This prototype is also the first addition to the portfolio of Adani New Industries Ltd (ANIL) and has laid the foundation for installation of even bigger wind turbine generators, it stated.
  • Milind Kulkarni, Chief Operating Officer (COO), MWL, said, “The proto assembly was completed in a record of 19 days. It is installed, commissioned, and we shall soon go for a type certification now.”
  • “This prototype has laid a foundation stone for us to go for another prototype which shall be even taller than the 140 m hub height. Going forward, we shall manufacture our own blades, while we have already started the assembly of Nacelle, and Hub in our own upcoming facility in Mundra,” he added.

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