Bilateral military training exercise ‘Austra Hind 22’ between India and Australia will start from 28 November, 2022

Current Affairs

  • The inaugural edition of the bilateral military exercise Austra Hind 2022, between contingents of the Indian and the Australian armies, is set to begin 28 November at the Mahajan Field Firing Ranges in Rajasthan and will comprise joint training operations in semi-desert terrain under the United Nations (UN) peace enforcement mandate. The exercise will conclude on December 11.
  • Soldiers of the 13th Brigade of the Second Division in the Australian Army have reached the exercise site, while the Indian Army is being led by soldiers of the Dogra Regiment.
  • Austra Hind military exercise will be held alternately in India and Australia every year. During the bilateral military training exercise, the troops of both the countries engaged in various activities like joint planning, joint tactical exercises, sharing the basics of special weapons skills and attacking enemy targets.
  • The joint exercise will further help in strengthening the ties between India and Australia, apart from promoting mutual understanding and interoperability between the militaries of the two countries.

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