UPSC Previous Year question paper -1996- 2000- Indian Industries & Trade



UPSC previous year question paper of subject Indian Industries & Trade from the year 1996- 2000 with answers.



#1. Assertion (A) : Information technology is fast becoming a very important field of activity in India. Reason (R) : Software is one of the major exports of the country and India has a very strong base in hardware. [1999]

#2. Tourism industry in India is quite small compared to many other countries in terms of India’s potential size. Which one of the following statements is correct in this regard? [1999]

#3. Consider the following statements: [1999] Industrial development in India, to an extent, is constrained by: 1. lack of adequate entrepreneurship and leadership in business 2. lack of savings to invest 3. lack of technology, skills and infrastructure 4. limited purchasing power among the larger masses Which of the above statements are correct?

#4. From the balance sheet of a company, it is possible to: [1999]

#5. Consider the following statements: [1999] Small-scale industries are, in most cases, not as efficient and competitive as the large-scale ones. Yet the Government provides preferential treatment and reservations in a range of products to the small firms because small-scale industries: 1. provide higher employment on a per unit capital deployment basis 2. promote a regional dispersion of industries and economical activities 3. have performed better in export of manufactured products than the large scale ones 4. provide jobs to low-skill workers, who otherwise may not find employment avenues elsewhere Which of the above statements are correct?

#6. Some time back, the Government of India, decided to de-license ‘white goods’ industry. ‘White goods’ include: [1998]

#7. Consider the following statements: [1998] The price of any currency in international market is decided by the: 1. World Bank 2. Demand for goods/services provided by the country concerned 3. Stability of the government of the concerned country 4. Economic potential of the country in question of these statements:

#8. Which of the following places are known for paper manufacturing industry ? [1997] 1. Yamuna Nagar 2. Guwahati 3. Shahabad 4. Ballarpur Choose the correct answer using the codes given below:

#9. The contribution of India’s small scale sector to the gross turnover in the manufacturing sector since 1992 has been of the order of: (1997)

#10. Scheme of (i) Urban Micro-Enterprises, (ii) Urban Wage Employment and (iii) Housing and Shelter Upgradation are parts of: (1997)

#11. The number of industries for which industrial licensing is required has now been reduced to : (1997)

#12. Local supply of coal is not available to : (1996)

#13. Which of the following benefits are likely to accrue to India from the World Trade Organisation? [1995] 1. India’s share in the world trade is to go up from the present 600 million US dollars to 5 billion US dollars by 2000 AD. 2. It will help boost exports of agricultural commodities from India. 3. India’s share in the world trade is likely to triple by the year 2000 A.D.


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