UPSC question paper – 2006 – 2010 –Medieval History




#1. Why did Buddhism start declining in India in the early medieval times ? 1. Buddha was by that time considered as one of the incarnations of Vishnu and thus became a part of Vaishnavism. 2. Invading tribes from Central Asia till the time of last Gupta king adopted Hinduism and persecuted Buddhists. 3. Kings of Gupta dynasty were strongly opposed to Buddhism. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ? (2010)

#2. Among the following, who was not a proponent of Bhakti cult ?

#3. With whose permission did the English set up their first factory in Surat? (2009)

#4. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists: [2009] List-I (Famous temple) List-II (State) A. Vidyashankara temple 1. Andhra Pradesh B. Rajarani temple 2. Karnataka C. Kandariya Mahadeo 3. Madhya Pradesh temple D. Bhimesvara temple 4. Orissa

#5. Where is the famous Virupaksha temple located? (2009)

#6. During the time of which Mughal Emperor did the English East India Company establish its first factory in India? (2008)

#7. Where is the famous Vijaya Vittala temple having its 56 carved pillars emitting musical notes located? (2007)

#8. In Indian history, who was Abdul Hamid Lahori? [2006]

#9. Bhakta Tukaram was a contemporary of which Mughal emperor? (2006)

#10. Which one of the following is the correct chronological order of the Afghan rulers to the throne of Delhi? [2006]

#11. Assertion (A): Muhammad bin Tughlaq issued a new gold coin which was called Dinar by Ibn Batutah. Reason (R): Muhammad bin Tughlaq wanted to issue token currency in gold coins to promote trade with West Asian and North African countries. (2006)

#12. In the year 1613, where was the English East India Company given permission to set up a factory (trading post)? [2006]

#13. When Raja Wodeyar founded the kingdom of Mysore, who was the ruler of the Vijayanagar Empire? (2006)

#14. The initial design and construction of which massive temple took place during the reign of Suryavarman II? [2006]


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