UPSC question paper – 2006 – 2010 – Arithmetic




#1. A candidate attempted 12 questions and secured full marks in all of them. If he obtained 60% in the test and all questions carried equal marks, then what is the number of questions in the test? [2010]

#2. The difference between the simple interest received from two banks on `500 for two years is ` 2.50. What is the difference between their rates? [2010]

#3. A man fills a basket with eggs in such a way that the number of eggs added on each successive day is the same as the number already present in the basket. This way the basket gets completely filled in 24 day. After how many days the basket was 1/ 4 th full? [2010]

#4. Each person’s performance compared with all other persons is to be done to rank them subjectively. How many comparisons are needed in total, if there are 11 persons? [2010]

#5. (c) A (d) None of these 66. Half of the villagers of a certain village have their own houses. One-fifth of the villagers cultivate paddy. One-third of the villagers are literate. Four-fifth of the villagers are below twenty five. Then, which one of the following is certainly true? [2010]

#6. In a group of five persons A, B, C, D and E, there is a professor, a doctor and lawyer. A and D are unmarried ladies, and do not work. Of the married couple in the Group, E is the husband. B is the brother of A and is neither a doctor nor a lawyer. Who is the professor? [2010]

#7. How many numbers from 0 to 999 are not divisible by either 5 or 7 ? [2010]

#8. Two numbers X and Y are respectively 20% and 28% less than a third number Z. By what percentage is the number Y less than the number X ? [2010]

#9. In a tournament 14 teams play league/matches. If each team plays against every other team only once then how many matches are played? [2010]

#10. There are 240 balls and n number of boxes B1 , B2 , B3 , ...... Bn. The balls are to be placed in the boxes such that B1 should contain 4 balls more than B2 , B2 should contain 4 balls more than B3 , and so on. Which one of the following cannot be the possible value of n? [2009]

#11. How many times are an hour hand and a minute hand of a clock at right angles during their motion from 1.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.? [2009]

#12. In an examination, there are three subjects A, B and C. A student has to pass in each subject. 20% students failed in A, 22% students failed in B and 16% failed in C. The total number of students passing the whole examination lies between [2009]

#13. Four metal rods of lengths 78 cm, 104 cm 117 cm and 169 cm are to be cut into parts of equal length. Each part must be as long as possible. What is the maximum number of pieces that can be cut? [2009]

#14. While adding the first few continuous natural numbers, a candidate missed one of the numbers and wrote the answer as 177. What was the number missed? [2009]

#15. There are four persons A, B, C, D; and A has some coins. A gave half of the coins to B and 4 more besides. B gave half of the coins to C and 4 more besides. C gave half of the coins to D and 4 more besides. Both B and D end up with same number of coins. How many coins did A have originally? [2009]

#16. March 1, 2008 was Saturday. Which day was it on March 1, 2002? [2008]

#17. In an examination, 70% of the students passed in the Paper I, and 60% of the students passed in the Paper II. 15% of the students failed in both the papers while 270 students passed in both the papers. What is the total number of students? [2008]

#18. A person purchases 100 pens at a discount of 10%. The net amount of money spent by the person to purchase the pens is `Rs 600. The selling expenses incurred by the person are 15% on the net cost price. What should be the selling price for 100 pens in order to earn a profit of 25%? [2008]

#19. What is the number of terms in the series 117, 120, 123, 126,.............., 333? [2008]

#20. In the series AABABCABCDABCDE.. . Which letter occupies the 100th position? [2008]

#21. The average salary of 100 employees in an office is ` 16,000 per month. The management decided to raise salary of every employee by 5% but stopped a transport allowance of ` 800 per month which was paid earlier to every employee. What will be the new average monthly salary? [2007]

#22. If all the numbers from 501 to 700 are written, what is the total number of times does the digit 6 appear? [2007]

#23. A person has to completely put each of three liquids: 403 litres of petrol, 465 litres of diesel and 496 litres of Mobile Oil in bottles of equal size without mixing any of the above three types of liquids such that each bottle is completely filled. What is the least possible number of bottles required? [2007]

#24. 6 equidistant vertical lines are drawn on a board 6 equidistant horizontal lines are also drawn on the board cutting the 6 vertical lines, and the distance between any two consecutive horizontal lines is equal to that between any two consecutive vertical lines. What is the maximum number of squares thus formed? [2007]

#25. (Each small circle represents a different station) What is the maximum number of different paths that exist between the station A and the station B? [2007]

#26. Each of the five persons A, B, C, D and E possesses unequal number of similar items. A, B and C possesses Twenty-one items in all, while C, D and E possess seven items in all. How many items do A and B possess in all? [2006]

#27. How many numbers are there in all from 6000 to 6999 (Both 6000 and 6999 included) having all digits same? [2006]


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