UPSC Previous Year question paper -1996-2000- Panchayati Raj & Public Policy



UPSC previous year question paper of subject Panchayati Raj & Public Policy from the year 1996-2000 with answers.

#1. Which one of the following legislations does not deal with the protection of environment? (1999)

#2. Consider the following statements regarding the National Human Rights Commission of India: 1. Its Chairman must be a retired Chief Justice of India 2. It exists in each state as State Human Rights Commission 3. Its powers are only recommendatory in nature 4. It is mandatory to appoint a woman as a member of the commission Which of the above statements are correct? [1999]

#3. Which of the following are the objectives of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP)? [1995] 1. To stabilize agricultural prices 2. To ensure meaningful real income level to the farmers 3. To protect the interest of the consumers by providing essential agricultural commodities at reasonable rates through public distribution system 4. To ensure maximum price for the farmer

#4. A college student desires to get elected to the Municipal Council of his city. The validity of his nomination would depend on the important condition, among others, that: [2000]

#5. In the new Panchayati Raj Bill enacted in 1993, there are several fresh provisions deviating from the past. Which one of the following is not one such provisions? [1999]

#6. Panchayat Raj was first introduced in India in October, 1959 in: (1998)

#7. What is the system of governance in the Panchayati Raj set up? (1996)

#8. Which one of the following is incorrect in respect of Local Government in India? (1995)


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