Regional Manager HRTCquestion paper –2020-HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGMENT




#1. With reference to requirements of effective appraisal systems, reliability refers to:

#2. Job design is the process of_____________________________.

#3. Paying an outside agency to do the work that an organization is unable or unwilling to do is called:

#4. With reference to approaches to multinational enterprises and labour relations, a strategy that authorizes local managers to handle everything is called______________.

#5. With reference to the just cause standard of discipline, the order of events of administration of penalty for undesirable work behavior, should be:

#6. Hiring and firing employees en masse as per the need of the organization is an example of___________________________.

#7. The process of ensuring that employees' activities and outputs match the organization's goals is called_____________________________.

#8. A best practice scorecard includes_____________________.

#9. Which of the following job requirements that can be fulfilled by HRD?

#10. Human resource management takes care of__________________.

#11. What type of decision is made after the training need assessment?

#12. Behavioural Method, lecture, business games etc. fall under in which of the following training delivery methods:


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