H.P TET question paper –2019 -Physics and Chemistry




#1. Action and reaction do not balance each other because they:

#2. When electric current is passed through a metallic conductor, amount of heat produced in the conductor depends on its:

#3. If you have to change a feeble sound to a loud sound then required change is to increase its :

#4. Where should an object be placed front of a convex lens to get a real image of the size of the object ?

#5. You have a story bar magnet made of steel. If you cut this magnet in three identical parts, then you get:

#6. When white light passes through prism, the colour which bends the least is :

#7. A laboratory thermometer shows five small division between the marking of 50°C and 51°C.This means that thermometer can read correctly up t

#8. This S.I. unit of calorific value is :

#9. Which one of the following planets has no natural satellite of its own ?

#10. Power of which lens is negative ?

#11. The least distance of distinct vision for a young adult with normal vision is about :

#12. Melting point of Tungsten is :

#13. Sound waves in air are:

#14. Which of these is used in solar cells ?

#15. Frequency of A.C. supplied to consumers in India is :

#16. Uniform circular motion of an object is :

#17. Relation between force, mass and acceleration is given by :

#18. The change in focal length of an eye is caused by the action of the:

#19. Which of the following is not the unit energy ?

#20. A farmer moves along the boundary of a square field of side 10 m in 40s. The magnitude of displacement of the farmer at the end of 2 minutes and 20 seconds is :

#21. In which one of the following heat is transferred by the process of conduction ?

#22. A merry - go round is moving at a non - varying speed of 10 ms. It implies that :

#23. Speed of sound in air at 0°C is:

#24. Infrasound can be heard by:

#25. Velocity-time graph for non-uniformly accelerated motion is :

#26. A bird flying at a certain height possesses:

#27. A person uses bifocal lenses for the correction of :

#28. Mass of an object in air is 40 kg. Mass of this object in water will be :

#29. Sound can travel through:

#30. A person living in Shimla observed that cooking food without using pressure cooker takes more time. The reason for this observation is that a high altitude:

#31. Permanent hardness of water is due to the presence of :

#32. Plaster of Paris is chemically :

#33. What is D.D.T. among the following ?

#34. The most durable metal plating on iron to protect against corrosion is :

#35. Phosphorus is kept in :

#36. Which of the following element is present in haemoglobin ?

#37. Enzymes are regarded as :

#38. What is blue vitrol ?

#39. Which of the following elements exhibits maximum number of valence electrons ??

#40. A wooden spoon is dipped in a cup of ice cream. Its other end:

#41. An iron ball at 40°C is dropped in mug containing water at 40°C, The heat will :

#42. Vinegar is a solution of:

#43. The elements of group 18 are called :

#44. Cinnabar is an ore of :

#45. Which type of bond is present in NaCl molecule ?

#46. The process employed for the concentration of sulphide ore is :

#47. What is the common name of the compound CaOCl2?

#48. What is the PH value of NaCl aqueous solution ?

#49. The chief ore of iron is :

#50. Stainless steel contains:

#51. In which solution gold is soluble ?

#52. Which method is commonly used to separate salt from water?

#53. The correct way of making a solution of sulphuric acid in water is to :

#54. Polycot is obtained by mixing :

#55. Which is a thermosetting plastic ?

#56. The most suitable material for the preparation of handles of cooking utensils is :

#57. Fossil fuels are obtained from :

#58. Which of the following is not a constitute of petroleum ?

#59. Materials which can be drawn into wires are called ductile. Which of the following is not a ductile material ?

#60. Velocity of sound is maximum in :


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