HPAS Previous Year Question Paper 2017 – POLITY



#1. Which schedule of the Constitution of India contains provisions for the disqualification of a legislator on grounds of defection?

#2. Power of Judicial Review, provided in the constitution, is exercised on the basis of which principle?

#3. Who presided over the first session of Indian National Congress in Bombay?

#4. . Under which provision can the Speaker allow any member of the House to speak in his/her mother language?

#5. . Supreme Court’s judgement in Indira Sawhney Vs. Union of India is related to which issue?

#6. Provision for Grant-in-Aid under Article 243 H for the Panchayats has been made out of which source?

#7. Which one of the following is a correct sequencing of the features of the Preamble of India Constitution?

#8. Which one of the following is the correct statement with regard to the Emergency Provisions of Indian Constitution?

#9. Match the following:Choose the correct answer from the following: Code: Choose an option:



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