HPAS Previous Year Question Paper 2016 – POLITY



#1. Who among the following was the constituent advisor to the Constituent Assembly?

#2. During the term of office, criminal proceedings cannot be instituted against:

#3. Who among the following decides the question of disqualification of a member of Parliament on the grounds of defection?

#4. Who among the following has the power to declare a caste or a tribe as scheduled caste or scheduled tribe?

#5. Who among the following determines the area of a Lok Sabha constituency for the purpose of election?

#6. Which of the following statements is correct about NITI Aayog?

#7. Which of the following human rights come within the ambit of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution? Choose an option:-

#8. Which of the following committees recommended the creation of 'Nyaya Panchayats'? Select the correct answer form the codes given below:

#9. Which of the following are All India Services?Select the correct answer: Codes: Choose an option:


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