HP TET Previous Year Question Paper – 2018 – Non Medical – General awareness and Environmental Studies



Previous Year Question Paper of HP TET Non Medical including subject General awareness and Environmental Studies of year 2018.



#1. Ranjeet Singh belonged to Sikh Misls of :

#2. International Court of Justice is located at :

#3. Which King of Gupta dynasty was known as Napoleon of India ?

#4. Who wrote ‘Anandmath’ ?

#5. Which is the highest Peak located in Himachal Pradesh ?

#6. Himachal Pradesh Police Training Center is located:

#7. Which Sikh Guru laid the foundation of the city 'Amritsar' ?

#8. Binwa Hydel Project is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh ?

#9. "World Population Day " is celebrated every year on :

#10. "Kaziranga" the famous Sanctuary of Assam is famous for :

#11. Which place is known as “The Little Lhasa” in India ?

#12. “Vipasha” is the Sanskrit name of which river ?

#13. “Jhanjar” is famous dance of which district ?

#14. Which is the Oldest Hydro Electric Project in Himachal Pradesh ?

#15. “Jataks” are mainly written in :

#16. When is World Yoga Day celebrated ?

#17. What is ‘SARAS’ ?

#18. The ‘Garo’ tribe resides in which state of India ?

#19. . From which country did India borrow the concept of the Five Year Plan ?

#20. Who is the Present Chief Justices of Supreme Court of India ?

#21. In which state of India is Kolar Gold mines situated ?

#22. ‘Lisbon’ is the Capital of which country ?

#23. To which game Hima Das is associated ?

#24. Where is ‘Guru Ka Lahor’ situated ?

#25. How many seats in Rajya Sabha of H.P. ?

#26. What is ‘Losar’ ?

#27. In which distt. Andhra Hydel Project is situated ?

#28. What is ‘Anga and Chuba’ ?

#29. Who wrote ‘Origin of Species’ ?

#30. Who amongst following Mughal rulers reimposed “Jaziya” ?


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