HP TET Previous Year Question Paper – 2019 – Non Medical – General awareness and environmental studies



Previous Year Question Paper of HP TET Non Medical including subject General awareness and environmental studies of the year 2019.



#1. Which is the largest desert in the world ?

#2. Which colour is used to show water on map ?

#3. Who was the first Indian woman to climb the Mount Everest ?

#4. Which movement was started by Sunderlal Bahuguna ?

#5. Main coffee producer country is :

#6. Which animal uses its leg to taste its food ?

#7. Who called dams the ‘Temples of Modern India’ ?

#8. Which is the world’s highest village ?

#9. Suman Rawat is awarded by which reward ?

#10. What is India’s rank on the basis of area in the world ?

#11. The bark of which tree is used as medicine of malaria ?

#12. When did earthquake occur in district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh?

#13. The birth place of Guru Nanak Dev is:

#14. Who is the writer of "Jungle Book"?

#15. How many degrees does the earth rotate in an hour on its own axis ?

#16. The height of Bhakra Dam is:

#17. Which ocean is the most salty ocean in the world ?

#18. The prayers of Rigveda are known as .........

#19. ‘Kesar Saga’ is the holy book of

#20. When did Bhopal Gas Tragedy occur?

#21. Which planet is known as Blue Planet ?

#22. The most abundant gas in the atmosphere is :

#23. Which colours make the mixture of green colour ?

#24. Which organisation added Great Himalayan National Park to the list of World Heritage ?

#25. The lake of floating island is:

#26. When was UNO established ?

#27. Match the followings:

#28. Where is the food of the seed stored until the plant is not formed ?

#29. Which place in the world registers the highest rainfall?

#30. How much area of the earth surface is covered with water ?


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