HP TET Previous Year Question Paper – 2019 – Non Medical – Child Psychology and Development Pedagogy



Previous Year Question Paper of HP TET Non Medical including subject Child Psychology and Development Pedagogy of the year 2019.



#1. According to Carl Rogers, the structure of personality is based on :

#2. The theory that we all experience a series of developmental crises throughout our lives was proposed by

#3. Item analysis is essential to test construction because

#4. The psychological point of view which ‘emphasises unconscious motivation as factor in human behaviour is

#5. The morality of self-accepted principles was proposed by

#6. Which of these those tests did McClelland first use to measure the need for achievement ?

#7. According to Carl Rogers, human motivation is based on the need to

#8. According to Bruner’s theory of cognitive development, iconic stage is concerned with

#9. According to Guilford, divergent thinking requires :

#10. All of the following are characteristics of the pre-operational stage of development except :

#11. The language acquisition device was proposed by :

#12. The theory of selective attention was proposed by

#13. Those items that are most likely to be forgotten are those

#14. According to Guilford’s model of intelligence which of the following is true :

#15. The repeated presentation of CS without the UCS results in

#16. Doob, Dollard, Miller, Mowrer and Sears (1939) suggested that all aggressive acts are caused by

#17. A frequency distribution will often approach the normal distribution as

#18. According to Freud, memories and drives that can be easily recalled but are not within consciousness at the moment are in the

#19. Because the id seeks to gratify its desires without delay, it operates on the

#20. The most efficient method of spaced practice in a motor task varies which of the following two features ?

#21. Which of the following psychologists places special emphasis on the need for positive regard and the need for self regard ?

#22. The behavioural modification technique which uses repeated exposure to aversive stimuli or disturbing scenes to extinguish the emotional responses associated with those stimuli is

#23. Alfred Binet is famous for developing the first :

#24. The law of effect is concerned with the effects of :

#25. Harlow and Zimmerman(1959) demonstrated that female monkeys raised in isolation

#26. Of the following tests, the most suitable for determining the 1Q of most 12-year olds is the

#27. The skinner box is used for the study of

#28. Material in long term memory

#29. Intelligence test measures:

#30. Second order conditioning is an important phenomenon because it demonstrates how an originally neutral CS can assume properties of:


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