HP TET Previous Year Question Paper – 2018 – Non Medical – Child Psychology and Development Pedagogy



Previous Year Question Paper of HP TET Non Medical including subject Child Psychology and Development Pedagogy of the year 2018.



#1. The emphasis from teaching to learning can be shifted by:

#2. Inclusive education :

#3. In the context of education socialization means:

#4. Which of the following is teacher related factor affecting learning ?

#5. According to Kohlberg, a teacher can instill moral values in children by :

#6. The term ‘Mnemonics’ is associated with :

#7. Smallest unit of meaning in a language is:

#8. A Child cannot distinguish between ‘saw’ and ‘was’, ‘nuclear’ and ‘unclear’; is suffering from :

#9. Vygotsky theory implies :

#10. A teacher can make problem solving fun for students by doing all the following except:

#11. What is meant by Schema ?

#12. The stage in which a child begins to think logically about objects and events in known as :

#13. The frustration-aggression hypothesis :

#14. Analysis of avoidance learning suggest that many phobias are acquired through .......... conditioning.

#15. The ability to learn. by observing a model or receiving instructions, without reinforcement, is called :

#16. Organising the string of letters B-F-J-T-A-V-K-C into JFK-TV-CAB is an example of :

#17. Which of the following types of cognitive abilities is least likely to show declare in later life ?

#18. Which theorist revised sigmund Freud's stages of development , replacing Freud's Psychosexual stages with Psychosocial stages ?

#19. Which memory store is believed to have the largest capacity ?

#20. The use of polite words such as ‘Please' and 'Thank you ' in everyday speech is called :

#21. A fixed action pattern is defined as a response to a:

#22. Which of the following therapeutic techniques can be explained by classical conditioning principles ?

#23. Correlations of IQ scores are higher for which of following pairs ?

#24. Which of the following is most likely associated with creative thinking :

#25. Who is reported to be the first researcher to utilize a twin study methodology in attempting to resolve the nature - nurture controversy ?

#26. The Premack principle states that:

#27. A test that measures what is intends to measure is called:

#28. The thinking process involved in producing an idea or concept that is new, original and useful is termed as:

#29. Which of the following is not considered as a tool for formative assessment:

#30. Who is the father of ‘Theory of multiple intelligence’:


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