H.P TET question paper –2017 -Physics and Chemistry




#1. The waves produced by a motor boat sailing in water are :

#2. Which of the following is not a thermodynamical co-ordinate :

#3. If the temperature of hot body is increased by 50% the amount of radiation emitted in % is

#4. A body of mass M is taken from earth surface to the height equal to twice the radius R of earth. The change in the Potential energy is :

#5. Force of gravity is least at :

#6. The working of rocket is based on the principal of :

#7. In a certain region on the screen, blue and red colours fall at the same time the region will show :

#8. The relation between t and x is t = ax^2 + bx , where a and b are constant. The acceleration is :

#9. The electric capacitance of earth is :

#10. For which colour the focal length of convex lens is more :

#11. An astronomical Telescope has large aperture to :

#12. If Vo and Ve orbital velocity and escape velocity of a satellite corresponding to circular orbit then the relation is :

#13. The unit of k =

#14. At constant temperature the velocity of sound in O2 relative to the velocity of sound in H2 will be :

#15. A bullet of mass 20g is fired with a pistol of mass 2 kg. The recoil velocity of pistol is :

#16. For hearing echo sound, the time interval between original sound and reflected sound must be :

#17. A car accelerates, uniformly from 18 km/h in 5 sec. to 36 km/h. The acceleration of the car will be :

#18. Mass of earth is :

#19. The duration of day is highest in :

#20. Gravitational force of attraction between two weights 1 kg each separated by 1 m will be

#21. A cubical block of wood rests on an inclined plane of μ =√3 . The angle of friction will be

#22. Distance of earth from sun in light year is :

#23. An electron accelerated through a potential difference of V volt. The De- Broglie length of electron will be :

#24. Which of the following term does not represent electric power in a circuit :

#25. An electron is :

#26. Which of the following is not conserved in nuclear reaction ?

#27. Optical fibres are related with :

#28. A sound wave travels at speed of 339m/s if its , wavelength is 1.5 cm , the frequency of the wave will be :

#29. The cause of charging a body is :

#30. Cold syrup flows sluggishly because of :

#31. The highest temperature of the following group is :

#32. Which of the following represents the largest unit :

#33. Simplest formula of compound containing 50% of the element X (Atomic Mass 10µ) and 50% of the element Y (Atomic Mass 20µ) is :

#34. Which of the following is responsible to rule out the existence of definite paths or trajectories of Electrons :

#35. Which of the following has maximum spin :

#36. The element with atomic number 117 if discovered will be placed in :

#37. Identify the least stable anion among the following :

#38. Based on the Lattice Energy considerations which one of the following alkali metal chloride is expected to have the highest melting point :

#39. In order to increase the volume of gas by 10% the pressure of the gas should be :

#40. Which of the following represents the largest pressure :

#41. The Tyndall effect is not observed in :

#42. Smoke is dispersion of :

#43. Micelles are :

#44. Which of the following catalyst is used during the Hydrogenation of Oils :

#45. Which of the following is not a surface phenomenon :

#46. Blister Copper is about :

#47. Which of the following is an alloy of copper and Nickel :

#48. Dead Burnt Plaster is :

#49. Among CO2, SO2, CO, AND N2 which is not a green house Gas :

#50. Isotopes differ in number of :

#51. Elements of the group 18 are called :

#52. Most abundant metal in Earth’s Crust is :

#53. An aqueous solution of CuSO4 IS :

#54. Which among the following depends upon Temperature ?

#55. Hardest form of Carbon is :

#56. Oil used in froth floatation process is :

#57. By which method can the mixture of sand and Naphthalene be separated ?

#58. Father of Modern Chemistry is :

#59. Phosphorous Molecule is represented by which of the following formulae :

#60. hen a chemical bond is formed then there is a decrease in :


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