H.P TET question paper –2018 -General awareness and Environmental Studies




#1. The term ‘Division of power’ refers which form of the government :

#2. Anand Bhavan is related with

#3. Who designed the parliament house of India ?

#4. Which of the following is not directly addressed to the courts ?

#5. ‘Area of Seven sister’ is :

#6. In the supreme court of India, a judge holds office till he attains the age of…………..years :

#7. The ‘Mughal Gardens’ of Rashtrapati Bhavan is modelled on :

#8. The first general election for Lok Sabha was held in the year :

#9. ‘Fundamental Duties’ of the constitution have been taken from :

#10. Which of the following state has been given special status under Article 370 ?

#11. The ‘Pashupati nath’ temple is located at :

#12. First Muslim to Invade India was :

#13. Where is the Lakshadweep Islands located ?

#14. Which of the following is known as ‘Garden of spices’ of India ?

#15. Least populous state of India is :

#16. Which of the following statements describes a ‘Hung parliament’ ?

#17. Which one of the following power is enjoyed by the supreme court ?

#18. Who of the following is known as the ‘Grand old Man’ of India ?

#19. Dialysis is used for patients having :

#20. The boundary between India and Pakistan was demarcated by :

#21. The term ‘Epicentre’ is associated with

#22. In which of the following district, Maharana Pratap Sagar reservoir is located ?

#23. National Institute of Technology in Himachal Pradesh is situated at

#24. Which of the following district has lowest literacy rate ?

#25. The hydro electricity project ‘Karcham Wangtoo’ is across the river :

#26. As per census 2011, the population density of Himachal Pradesh is :

#27. The hot springs of Mani Karan are located on the bank of river

#28. Mahmood Ghazni plundered Nagar Kot (Kangra) in

#29. Who is known as ‘Frontier Gandhi’ in Himachal Pradesh ?

#30. The greatest revolutionary Shri Yaspal belongs to the district of :


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