H.P TET question paper –2016 -Child Psychology and Development




#1. Truancy is .......

#2. Learning is a process of progressive,............ adaptation :

#3. Who said, “Heredity is a sum total of inborn individual traits” ?

#4. Law of continuity of Germ Plasm,law of Resemblance, law of Variation and law of Regression related of :

#5. Who is the father of Project method in teaching ?

#6. Who said, "Adolescence is a period of storm and strain" ?

#7. Arousal , expectancy, incentive and punishment are related to :

#8. Intelligence group factor theory is propounded by :

#9. Binet - Simon Intelligence test is related to :

#10. Endomorphic, Mesomorphic and Ectomorphic are related to :

#11. In personality Id, Ego and Super- Ego related to :

#12. Thorndike propagated :

#13. Delinquent children are classified as :

#14. Development of language in children , according to B.F Skinner, is the result of:

#15. Nikhil fails in the examination and attributes his failure to the framing of the faulty question paper . Which defence mechanism does he use ?

#16. Which of the following is a measure of location?

#17. Which of the following theories is most quantitatively measurable ?

#18. Which is the most effective reinforcement schedule according to operant conditioning theory of learning for stable learning ?

#19. A child who has unusual difficulty in instruction may have the following impairment :

#20. Perception , retention , recall and recognition related to :

#21. Reasoning is……………thinking in which previous experiences are organized or combined in new ways to solve a problem.

#22. Which one is not characteristic of childhood period ?

#23. Thematic Apperception Test related to

#24. Which one is not projective technique of personality ?

#25. The role of unconscious in creative thinking is known as the process of

#26. Which is the correct order of ‘Products’ given by Guilford ?

#27. Which of the following internal conditions determine perceptual process ? 1. Intelligence 2. Emotion 3. Motivation 4. Information

#28. A positive or negative environmental stimulus that motivates behaviour :

#29. Learning is knowledge acquisition through cognitive processing of information. Who among the following holds this view ?

#30. Which assumption regarding cognitive development did Piaget suggest.


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