H.P TET question paper –2015 – Chemistry and Physics




#1. The atmospheric pressure at the sea level is equal to:

#2. With the increase in pressure the velocity of sound will:

#3. The refractive index of Diamond is approximately:

#4. Two thin converging lenses of focal lengths 15 cm and 30 cm are held in contact with one another, the power of the combination will be:

#5. In a secondary rainbow the colors reverse their pattern than that of primary rainbow due to:

#6. A cubical flock rests on an inclined plane of

#7. Indian joined the space club by launching Aryabhatta satellite in:

#8. According to Flemings right hand rule fore finger always represents the direction of

#9. The discoverer of X-rays is:

#10. For 1°C rise in temperature the velocity of sound increases by

#11. Write the following in the increasing order of length : I - micron, II - mm, III - A, IV –Fermi

#12. In the following pairs one pair has different dimensional formula:

#13. Resultant of two equal forces acting at right angles to each other is 282.8N then the magnitude of each force will be:

#14. A ship of mass 3 × 10^7 kg initially is at rest is pulled by a force 5 × 10^4 N through a distance of 3 m. Assuming that the resistance due to water is negligible, the speed of the ship is:

#15. In a rocket fuel burns at the rate of 1 kg/s. This fuel is ejected from the rocket with a speed of 60 km/s. this exerts a force on the rocket equal to:

#16. The mirror used by dental doctors is:

#17. The time taken by Venus to complete one revolution around Sun is:

#18. The constellation ‘SAPTRISHI’ is also known as:

#19. Hale’s comet is visible on earth after a time period of:

#20. Area under velocity time graph in uniformly accelerated motion represents:

#21. A motorboat moves in a straight line in a lake with acceleration 3 m/s^2 in 8 seconds from rest position. The distance travelled by boat in this time interval is:

#22. The weight of a body at the surface moon to that on earth is approximately:

#23. A 60 watt bulb is used for 6 hours daily the energy consumed by the bulb in one day will be:

#24. Sound waves are:

#25. Of the following the best conductor of electricity is:

#26. The energy equivalent to the mass of 1 gm is:

#27. Which of the following has maximum wave length:

#28. 1 Mev has no. of Joules:

#29. Electrical capacitance of earth is:

#30. The value of gravitational potential energy dice to earth is maximum at:

#31. Following element belong to 2nd period of periodic table which element will have largest atomic size among these:

#32. The maximum number of electron in an energy shell (energy level) of an atom can be predicated by the formula:

#33. Rutherford α (Alpha) particle scattering experiment was responsible for discovery of:

#34. An element ‘A’ is found in nature as two Isotopes with masses 31.4 and 30.4 and in the ratio of 2:3 respectively. The average atomic mass of this element will be:

#35. What is chemical formula of Bleaching power:

#36. Which of the following about “Fuel cells” is incorrect/False:

#37. Temporary hardness in water is due to presence of which salts:

#38. Stainless steel consists of following elements:C ,

#39. When a farmer utilizes slaked lime instead of fertilizers in the soil, it means:

#40. Sodium is kept under kerosene oil while phosphorous is kept in water because:

#41. What type of following reaction is? Fe2O3 + 2Al ------> Al2O3 + 2Fe

#42. The enamel of teeth is not soluble in water but it starts deteriorating when the pH level in month is:

#43. Plaster of Paris contains …………………………. Molecules of crystallization of water.

#44. Which medicine is used to cure acidity?

#45. The reactivity order of following metals is in the order:

#46. Which of the following is not an example of Natural fibre:

#47. When lead Nitrate [Pb(No3)2] is heated, then brown fumes evolved are due to evolution of gas:-

#48. Aqual – regia is a Mixture of :

#49. According to activity series, which of the following metal is most reactive :-

#50. What is Amalgam?

#51. What product is formed when ethanoic acid react with absolute ethanol in presence of acid catalyst:

#52. The process in which Zinc metal is deposited as layer on Iron is called:

#53. Bakelite and melamine are example of

#54. Which substance due to its great commercial importance is called as 'BLACK GOLD' :

#55. Out of the following which is unit of fuel efficiency :

#56. Two miscible liquids, for which boiling point difference is less than 20 – 25 K can be separated by which of the following method:

#57. How many number of sodium atoms are present in 6.9 g of sodium element:

#58. Plasma : which is considered fourth state of matter. It contains

#59. Which of the following solution will show tyndall effect :

#60. Which of the following compound now a days is mixed with petrol and used as 'Cleaner fuel' .


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