CDPO Previous Year Question Paper – 2018 – Economics



Previous Year Question Paper Of CDPO including subject  Economics of the year 2018.

#1. Consider the following about the private non-agricultural formal sector in India 1. Such Ćrms are about a quarter of the total Ćrms. 2. They produce about half of the total production in the non-agricultural private sector. Which of the above statement(s) is / are correct?

#2. Voluntary National Reviews is related to

#3. As per Census 2011, out of total female main workers, agricultural cultivators were:

#4. Which sector has seen most defaults since outlining Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code?

#5. Which of the following are in the process of formulating indictors comparable to SDGs at the national level?

#6. Consider the following organzations for social security in India

#7. The first official housing price index for the country named ‘NHB RESIDEX’ was launched in July, 2007:


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