ALLIED question paper – 2020-HISTORY




#1. Which of the following Acts gave the Indians a share in the administration of their own country for the first time?

#2. Of the following, who was the Governor-General only not the Viceroy?

#3. When did the Akalis take the keys of the Golden Temple at Amritsar, and appointed a new manager?

#4. Which of the following was the paper of Annie Beasant?

#5. Anasuya Behn, one of Gandhiji’s main lieutenants, was the sister of:

#6. Which of the following national leaders was to take up the case of the prisoners of the Meerut Conspiracy case?

#7. Of the following, who represented the Untouchables in the Shimla Conference, convened by Lord Wavell in 1946:

#8. Under whose Presidentship, the Ćrst session of the Indian Science Congress Association was held in Calcutta in 1914?

#9. Who presided over the Amritsar Session of All India Congress in 1919?

#10. Of the following cities, where was opened the First medical college for women in 1916?

#11. Where was the center of the Ahmadiyas established in Pakistan after the partition of India?

#12. When was the Kanya Mahavidyalaya founded in Jalandhar by the Arya Samaj?

#13. Which of the following is not correct about the Fariazi Movement?

#14. Which of the following Act/Acts removed a ban on the missionaries to preach Christianity and granted an annual grant of Rs One lakh for education?

#15. When and where was opened the First female school in Punjab?

#16. Which of the following was a great British artist of the art of miniature paintings?

#17. Which of the following is correct about the Jamat-i-Islami?

#18. Of the following, who was not the leader of the Hindu Mahasabha?

#19. The Namdhari leader, Baba Ram Singh was the disciple of

#20. Upto which of the following sessions of the Congress, the Autobiography of Gandhiji is written?

#21. Who gave John Ruskin’s book ‘Unto the Last’ to Gandhi Ji?

#22. Articles 36 to 51 of the Indian Constitution contain the Directive Principles of State Policy. Identify the Articles which have the scope of the Gandhian principles:

#23. In the opinion of Gandhiji, which of the following methods is the best for the Conflict Resolution?

#24. When was the Civil Disobedience Movement called off finally by Gandhiji?

#25. Popularly known as Mira Ben, a staunch disciple of Gandhiji was sent to Delhi to apprise the Viceroy about the Congress Working Committee Resolution on the Quit India Movement. What was her real name?

#26. Of the following, who was the first recipient of Gandhiji Peace Prize?

#27. Which of the following is correct about Gandhiji?


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