ALLIED question paper – 2019-SCIENCE




#1. Where do plants store resins and gums?

#2. What is the major driving force for movement of water in the xylem during the day?

#3. What do Gastric glands secrete?

#4. In human beings, where does peristaltic movement occur?

#5. Which of the following processes does not involve a chemical reaction?

#6. What happens when oils and fats are oxidized?

#7. What product is formed upon the burning of magnesium ribbon?

#8. What is the relationship between the radius of curvature and fthe ocal length of the spherical mirrors of small apertures?

#9. The image formed by a concave mirror is real, inverted and of the same size as that of an object. The position of the object is:

#10. What will happen to a ray after passing through the principal focus of a concave mirror?

#11. Burning of plastics releases which of the following harmful gases in the atmosphere:


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