ACF question paper – 2020 –GK




#1. The theme of the 107th Indian Science Congress is:

#2. Name of 55th Jnanpith award winner is:

#3. According to a report by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence, The Indian Navy is planning to build how many Nuclear Powered Submarines in the near future?

#4. Which mobile application has been launched by the R.B.I. for aiding visually impaired persons to identify the denomination of Indian Banknotes?

#5. Superannuation age of “Chief of Defense Staff” of India is:

#6. Famous sportsperson Koneru Hampy is associated with:

#7. First woman pilot in the Indian Navy is:

#8. Currently in how many the North Eastern States, the system of Inner Line Permit is in force?

#9. Newly elected Chairman of “FICCI” for 2019-20 is

#10. Name of India’s first private train is:

#11. Cabinet Secretary of India is:

#12. Which country will host the G-20 summit in 2022?

#13. The Government of India has signed an agreement to make the Indian Railways self-reliant in the field of energy with which country

#14. “Tiger triumph” joint military exercise was conducted between India and which country?

#15. Environmentalist Greta Thunberg belongs to which country?

#16. 25th conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of Commonwealth Organization was concluded at:

#17. Sunder Pichai has been appointed the CEO of the parent company of Google. The name of this parent company is:

#18. Who has been awarded the “Ballon d’Or” prize for the year, 2019?

#19. Football World Cup-2022 is proposed to be held in which country?

#20. ISRO’s communication satellite GSAT-30 was launched from which place?

#21. The first “BIMSTEC” conclave of ports was held at:

#22. Recently a military exercise was done between India and France. What was the name of it?


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