Important Events in Modern Indian History

History, Notes

The arrival of Europeans in India


Later Mughals

• Bahadur Shah-l1707-12
• Jahandar Shah1712-13
• Farrukhsiyar1713-19
• Muhammad Shah1719-48
• Ahmed Shah1748-54
•  Alamgir II1754-59
• Shah Alam1759-1806
•  Akbar1806-37
• Bahadur Shah Zafar1837-57

Different Battles

Battle of Plassey1757
Battle of Buxar1764
Third Battle of Panipat1761
Carnatic Wars1746-63
Anglo-Maratha Wars1775-1818
Anglo-Mysore Wars1767-99
Anglo-Sikh Wars1845-49
Anglo-Afghan Wars1839-79
Anglo-Burma Wars1824-85

British Legislation in India  

Regulating Act1773
Pitt’s India Act1784
Charter Act1793
Charter Act1813
Charter Act1833
Government of India Act1858
Charter Act1859
Indian Councils Act1861
Indian Councils Act1892
Indian Councils Act1909 (Morley-Minto Reforms). 
Government of India Act1919 (Montague – Chelmsford Reforms)
Government of India Act,1935
Indian Independence Act1947

First Factory of Europeans

NamePlace & Year
PortugueseCalicut (1503)
DutchMasulipatnam (1605)
EnglishSurat (1608)
DanesTranquebar (1616)
FrenchSurat (1668)

Socio-Religious Movements

Capture 1

Events Before INC

Permanent Settlement1793
Ryotwari System1820
Mahalwari Settlement1833
First Telegraph Line1851
First Passenger Train1853
First Cotton Mill1853
First Jute Mill1855
Great Indian Revolt1857
Illbert Bill Controversy1883

Education and Press

Macaulay Minute1835
Wood’s Despatch1854
Vernacular Press Act1878
Hunter Commission on Education1882
Raleigh Commission1902
Saddler Commission1917
Sapru Committee on Press1921
Hartog Committee1929
Wardha Scheme on Education1937
Sergeant Plan of Education1944

Events after the formation of INC

Formation of the Indian National Congress1885
Swadeshi Movement1905
Formation of the Muslim League1906
Congress Surat Split1907
Formation of Ghadar Party1913
Komagata Maru Incident1914
Arrival of Gandhi1915
Home Rule Leagues1916

Indian Movement after Gandhi

Champaran Satyagraha1917
Ahmedabad Mill Strike1918
Kheda Satyagraha1918
Rowlatt Satyagraha1919
Jallianwala Bagh Massacre1919
Formation of Simon Commission1927
Bardoli Satyagraha1928
Declaration of Purna Swaraj1929
Civil Disobedience Movement1930
Gandhi-Irwin Pact1931
Communal Award1932
Poona Pact1932

Final Phase of the Indian Struggle

World War II Broke out1939
August Offer1940
Individual Satyagraha1940
Cripps Mission1942
Quit India Movement1942
C.R. Formula1944
Wavell Plan1945
Desai Liaqat Pact1945
INA Trials1945
Cabinet Mission Plan1946
Formation of Indian Constituent Assembly and Interim Government1946
Clement Atlee’s Statement1947
Mountbatten Plan1947
India’s Independence15 August 1947

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