Ancient History of Himachal Pradesh (Vedic Period) MCQ Questions



#1. Who were the residents of Shivalik valleys in the former Vedic period?

#2. Who lost in the war between the ancient Aryan kings Devodas and Sambar for 40 years?

#3. Which king of Anarya King Raja Sambar was a war with Aryan king multiple times?

#4. Who was the oldest inhabitant of Himachal Pradesh?

#5. Which century Buddhist scholar Chandragomi wrote about the Aadumbar?

#6. Where did the Kulind permanently reside?

#7. King Susharma, who fought on behalf of the Kaurava in the war of Mahabharata, is considered the founder of an important dynasty of Himachal Pradesh. By which name is the Dynasty known?

#8. According to which religious group, Anarya tribes like Kol, Kirat, Yaksh and Naga had settled before Aryans in Himachal Pradesh?

#9. According to which mythology, "The person who thinks of the Himalayas without seeing him gets a bigger result than the worship done in Kashi."

#10. Which ancient tribe were related to the Sambar king who fought against the Arya king Devodas?

#11. In Himachal Pradesh 'Arya' is known by which name?

#12. Who was the chief adviser of Arya King Devodas?

#13. What was the second oldest hill state of Himachal Pradesh?

#14. Which of the following ancient tribe is believed to be inhabited by the Himalayan Tarain, Ganga to Chandrabhaga, till the Guptas?

#15. Which Katoch dynasty king of Kangra took part in the war on behalf of Kaurvas in the battle of Mahabharata?

#16. In which scripture is the description of war between the King and Arya King lasted for 40 years?

#17. "Aadumbar" (Kaushik Gotra) connects with which saint?

#18. In which area did the Pandavas spend 12 years of exile?

#19. What was the third tribe that entered the northern part of Himachal Pradesh?

#20. Who was the assistant of Sambar in the war with the king Devodas of Aryans?

#21. According to the famous Linguist Grierson, who were the first (former) familiar Indo-Aryans of Himalayan territory?

#22. In which ancient book of India is the description of Khas?

#23. What was the second inhabitant of Himachal Pradesh?

#24. How long did the war between Devodas and Sambar described in Rigveda last?


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