Sirmaur Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers




#1. Which king of the princely state of Sirmaur tried to mold his administration on the British system?

#2. The ruler of which princely state packed ice in cedar leaves and grass and sent it to the Mughal Shahzadi Jahanara’s liqueur to cool?

#3. Bhagani’s war in 1686, fought between Guru Gobind Singh and Raja ______?

#4. In which state of Himachal Pradesh in 1942, Kisan Sabha established an independent government?

#5. Where was the capital of Sirmaur state in 1195 AD?

#6. Who built the Sheesh Mahal and Moti Mahal in Nahan in the 19th century?

#7. ‘Battle of Katasana’ was fought between King Jagat Prakash of Sirmaur and _______?

#8. Who built the ‘Jataka Durg’ of Nahan at the end of 18th century?

#9. Which Indian state was founded by King Rasalu?

#10. Who shifted Nahan from Kaalsi, capital of Sirmaur in 1621 AD?

#11. Who was the last ruler of the princely state of Sirmaur?

#12. Which king of Sirmaur was built in Nahan Kothi Panchkula?

#13. Which king started the title of ‘Prakash’ in the princely state of Sirmaur?

#14. Which residents of the region celebrate many festivals awaiting the return of Pandavas by the same route, which they promised at the time of ascension?

#15. Suketi Fossil Park is in the _______ district.

#16. Who founded the city of Nahan and the fort of Nahan in 1621 AD?

#17. At which place did Amar Prakash, king of Sirmaur died in 1933 AD?

#18. In which year was the Sirmaur princely region established?

#19. ‘Pajhota’ belongs to which district?

#20. What influenced the king of Sirmaur to invite Gurjars to settle in his kingdom?

#21. Which king of Sirmaur was included in the Imperial Legislative Council around 1902 AD?

#22. Which king of Sirmaur replaced Kaalsi with his princely capital Rajban in the early thirteenth century?

#23. Taimur Lang invaded Sirmaur kingdom during the rule of?

#24. Who was the founder of Sirmaur state?

#25. Who established the princely state of Sirmaur in 1195 AD?

#26. Around which year did the Gurkhas conquer the princely state of Sirmaur?

#27. Guru Gobind Singh visited Sirmaur during the reign of which king?

#28. In which year did the Pajhota ‘Movement take place in Sirmaur?

#29. Which monk is worshiped at Sirmaur?

#30. In which district is the ‘Jataka Fort’ located?

#31. Who built the ‘Rabin Garh Durg’?

#32. Who was the king of the princely state of Sirmaur at the time of Pajhota movement of 1942 AD?

#33. In Nahan, ‘Ranital Bagh’ was built by which king in memory of the queen of his Keonthal Gharana?


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