Shimla Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers



#1. Which king of Kumarasen took over the Shangri fort and defeated the king of Kullu at Krangala and Nagi?

#2. A. O. Hume conceived the establishment of the Indian National Congress in which building in Shimla city?

#3. In which place is the office of Chief Information Commissioner (IC) of Himachal Pradesh located?

#4. Which building was the summer headquarters of the six British Commander-in-Chiefs before independence?

#5. In which area are the tribes of Kanet called Mukhiya, Wazir and Mahar?

#6. Mahatma Gandhi came to Shimla for the first time in 1921 and where he stayed?

#7. In which year was the Gorton Castle (Fort /Palace) (presently Accountant General Office in Shimla) built?

#8. Which king of the princely state of Bushahr received the title of 'Ajanbahu'?

#9. Name the building which was the office of the Accountant General (AG) and was recently destroyed by burning in fire?

#10. Which of the following hill states was not founded by courageous Rajputs who came from the plains?

#11. Who founded the "Balsan Principality"?

#12. Jubbal was formerly part of which state?

#13. In which year did the Rampur Bushahr princely state come under British occupation?

#14. Which king made Rampur the capital of his princely state of Bushahr?

#15. To assist the king of the princely state of Bushahr, there were ancestral priests of three families. One of them was the Kohl family. Where did this family come from?

#16. In which building did Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto sign the Shimla Agreement on August, 1972?

#17. For what is the Inverarm of Shimla famous?

#18. Where is the herbal garden in Shimla district?

#19. Which of the following idols is not installed on the ridge of Shimla?

#20. Who was the founder of 'Theog' hill state?

#21. Who established the Bushahr princely state in the upper Sutlej valley?

#22. Which king of the Bushahr princely state made Rampur the capital of the state of Bushahr?

#23. Who founded the princely state of "Delath"?

#24. Shimla Conference which was held in 1945, then who was the Viceroy of India at that time?

#25. Who did not migrate to Shimla in 1921 AD?

#26. In which year Shimla Municipal Committee was replaced by Shimla Municipal Corporation?

#27. Kufri is closest to which of the following?

#28. Where is 'Jubbal Narayan', a place famous for prisoner criminals?

#29. What was the capital of Rampur Bushahr state in ancient times?

#30. Whose exile headquarters was Shimla (1942-45 AD)?

#31. Which of the following is considered the oldest among the hill states of Shimla?

#32. Where was the capital of Bushahr state shifted from 'Kamru' in the century?

#33. Who founded the "Principality of Darkoti"?

#34. When did the first European house become in Shimla?

#35. Balsan and Ratesh Thakurai were branches of which state?

#36. When did Nerve Center Town Hall building in Shimla built with stone and wood?

#37. Which statement about 'Lalpani' (Shimla) is true?

#38. Who will now look after the Bantoney Castle in states?

#39. Who waged a movement against 'Begar Pratha' in Shimla?

#40. Junga was the capital of which hill state?

#41. To whom is the Jakhu temple of Shimla dedicated?

#42. Ratesh, Theog, Koti, Ghund, Madhan Which princely states were in the east?

#43. In which year was the All India Radio Center established in Shimla?

#44. Which of the following is the branch of Throch state?

#45. In which year Bishop Cotton School (BCS) was shifted from its old place Jatog to its present place?

#46. Where is 'Padma Singh Mahal' located in Himachal Pradesh?

#47. When was the 'Gaiety Theater of Shimla’ dedicated to the general public?

#48. Which native princely state of Himachal Pradesh had overtaken the territory of Tibet to its present extent by a treaty signed in the 17th century?

#49. Sort the following European travelers who travelled to the princely states of Punjab and Shimla in the correct historical order. Select the correct answer from the codes given below- (i) Vigne (ii) Moorecraft (iii) Forster (iv) Thomas Coryat

#50. Which was the smallest princely state in the Shimla Hill States in 1946 AD?

#51. U.S. Club, Shimla was originally the residence of which British ruler?

#52. Which king of the princely state of Bushahr got the Hang-Rang valley as a jagir from Tibet?

#53. Where was the Bishop Cotton School in Shimla initially located?

#54. Who was the first (General) Governor General to reside in Shimla?

#55. Whose Thakuriya (Zaldari) were 'Khaneti' and Delath'?

#56. Where did the Wavell Conference take place in 1945?

#57. "Dhami" was the estate of which princely state before 1815?

#58. Who started the ice skating rink in Shimla around 1920?

#59. Who designated Shimla as the summer capital of the British Empire in India?

#60. In which year the capital of the Punjab Government was shifted from Shimla to Chandigarh?

#61. Who was the last ruler of the princely state of Bushahr?

#62. Who established the Keonthal princely state?

#63. Who established the princely state of "Kumhar Sen"?

#64. Bantni Kothi of Shimla city which was used as a summer palace was of which state?

#65. Who designed the Town Hall built in Shimla in 1888 AD?

#66. In what year did the British open Bishop Cotton School in Shimla as a thank you to God?

#67. What was the population (in 2011) of Shimla district?

#68. When did Shimla become the summer capital of the Government of India?

#69. In which year did the Shimla branch of the Indian National Congress start?

#70. In which year was the 'Rothney Castle' built on the Jakhu peak of Colonel Rothney?

#71. Who founded the "Bhajji Riyasat"?

#72. According to Hutchinson and Bogle, how many rulers of the Thakuris of Shimla Hill State had the title 'Rana' or 'Thakur'.


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