Pre Historic Period Mcq Questions And Answers



#1. Consider the following statements on Neolithic settlements in South India. 1.Lapidary art and domestication of animals are the remarkable features of the first phase of the South Indian Neolithic settlements. 2.The red coloured pottery were discovered in the Neolithic settlements. 3.Millet was the main crop harvested by Neolithic farmers of south India. 4.Crop rotation technique was started in the field of agriculture. Which of the above is / are not correct?

#2. List - I List - II A. Palaeolithic 1. Ground stone tools B. Mesolithic 2. Rock painting C. Neolithic 3. Flaked stone tools D. Upper Palaeolithic 4. Microlithic tools Codes: A B C D

#3. Which one of the following species of fauna has been widely appreciated as pre-historic India’s gift to the world?

#4. Inamgaon is a chalcolithic site belonging to which culture?’

#5. The first metal to be used by man was

#6. Stone and copper were used in

#7. The Megaliths of South India are mainly associated with

#8. Which of the following is not a feature of Neolithic cultures?

#9. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

#10. List I List II A. Nagara 1. Fortified settlements in Vedic literature B. Pura 2. Town in Pali literature C. Nigama 3. Fortified capital of a king D. Durga 4. City/town first mentioned in Taittiriya

#11. Doojali Hudizg is an important Neolithic site in

#12. Which of the following ages the Homo Sapiens the human being for the first time appeared?

#13. The credit of the discovery of the first Palaeolic in India which opened the field of prehistoric studies in the country goes to

#14. In palaeolithic society all men and women were

#15. Iron was brought to many civilization by the

#16. The people of the chalcolithic phase used different type of pottery, one of which is called black and red seems to have been widely prevalent from nearly

#17. Archaeological evidence from which Chalcolithic site shows evidence of corporation, harvesting and irrigation?

#18. Eran is a Chalcolithic site belonging to which culuture?

#19. Pick out the wrong statement with respect to the Neolithic sites of Burzahom and Gufkral.

#20. From which of the following hoards were four massive copper replicas – of a rhinoceros, an elephant, a chariot, and a buffalo – typical or a Chalcolithic culture obtained?

#21. The copper boards are associated with the

#22. With reference to Neolithic culture, consider the statement : 1. The earliest Neolithic settlement is at Mehrgarh, Baluchistan around 7000 BC. 2. V Gordon Childe defined the Neolithic chalcolithic culture as a self sufficient food economy. Which of the above is / are correct ?

#23. The goddess of vegetative fertility, worshipped during the Chalcolithic period of Jorwe culture, was

#24. Consider the following representatives of different cultures: 1. Arretine ware 2. Northern black polished ware 3. Painted grey ware 4. Ochre coloured pottery Their correct chronological sequence is

#25. The earliest ‘man like creature’ which racially differed from ‘Homo sapiens’ is generally known as

#26. Which one of the following sites is famous for prehistoric paintings?

#27. Which of the following statements is/are correct about the Neolithic culture?

#28. Who is known as the father of Indian prehistory?

#29. Which of the following statements is/are correct about the people of stone age?

#30. List-I List-II A. Birbhanpur 1. Banas culture B. Ujjain 2. Copper hoard C. Kayatha 3. Ochre-coloured pottery D. Ahar 4. Microliths Codes: A B C D

#31. Which of the following statements is/are correct about the chalcolithic settlement?

#32. List-I List-II A. Mando 1. Jammu and Kashmir B. Sutkangendor 2. Baluchistan C. Daimabad 3. Maharashtra D. Alamgirpur 4. Uttar Pradesh Choose the answer from the codes given below: Codes:

#33. The widespread using of Black and Red ware (BRW) and Painted Grey Ware (PGW) mark the

#34. The Nagara, the Dravida and the Vesara are the:

#35. Which were the earliest cereals grown by human? 1. Wheat 2. Barley 3. Maize 4. Millets

#36. Consider the following : At which of the following places has the largest belt of painted rock - shelters of pre - historic period been discovered? 1. Bhaja 2. Bhimbetka 3. Jaora 4. Ajanta Select the correct answer using the code given below :

#37. Who among the following cultures were the first to paint their pottery?

#38. Which of the artifacts given below could be used as source material for the prehistoric period in India? 1. Fossils 2. Hand axes 3. Pottery 4. Remains of bones Select the correct answer using the given below


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