Medieval History of Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers




#1. Why was Hindu king Jaipal of the Shahia dynasty forced to enter into an abusive treaty with the ruler of Ghazni, Subuktagin.

#2. Till which year the fort of Nagarkot was occupied by Turks (Mahmud Ghaznavi)?

#3. Who was the ruler of Chamba during the attack of Muhammad Ghori?

#4. In 1009 AD, which of the following had robbed Nagarkot (Kangra)?

#5. Who was the king of Kangra at the time of Mahmud Ghaznavi's invasion in 1009?

#6. The fort of Kangra by Mahmud Ghaznavi was captured and plundered in the year _______?

#7. Mahmud Ghaznavi destroyed which temple of the Kangra?

#8. In which year did Timur Lang attack Kangra (Nagarkot)?

#9. When did Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq win Kangra fort?

#10. Who was the contemporary of Alauddin Khilji of Nurpur?

#11. Which Mughal ruler surrounded the fort of Nagarkot for six months in the late 14th century and eventually forced its ruler to surrender?

#12. In 1337 AD, which Muslim ruler captured the Kangra (Nagarkot) Fort?

#13. Where did the nephew of Firoz Shah Tughlaq, Nasir-ud-Din, drive away from his cousin around 1387, when he took refuge? Using the codes, find the right answer: (1) In the hills of Sirmaur. (ii) In Kangra Fort. (iii) In the fortress of Malaun.

#14. Those 1300 Sanskrit books which were translated into Persian under the orders of Firoz Shah Tughlaq were kept in which of the following Temples?

#15. Who was the king of Kangra during the Kangra invasion of Firoz Shah Tughlaq?

#16. Who was the king of Kangra during the invasion of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq (1337 AD)?


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