Kullu – Himachal Pradesh MCQ Questions and Answers



#1. Under the princely state of Kullu, there used to be seven regiments. The present Kullu city was under which waziri?

#2. Which uncle of Raja Ajit Singh of Kullu princely state attacked Kullu with the help of the kings of Kangra and Mandi and was ultimately defeated due to the treachery of the king of Mandi?

#3. Which one of the following is not near Kullu?

#4. In which district was Ghatotkacha, son of Bhima the character of Mahabharata, born?

#5. Which ruler established the statue of Raghunath in Kullu in 1653 AD?

#6. Who was the founder of the princely state (Kullu)?

#7. Who brought Kullu from Ayodhya, the statue of Raghunathji?

#8. Who planted British variety of apple orchards in Kullu Valley?

#9. What was the old capital of the Kullu kings from where their twelve generations ruled?

#10. Which European traveler traveled to Kullu in 1820 AD while going to Ladakh?

#11. During the rule of Raja Jagat Singh, the capital of Kullu was shifted from Naggar to Sultanpur in year:

#12. What is Malana in Kullu known for?

#13. Which king of Kullu freed Kullu from the control of Chamba between 780-800 AD?

#14. What was the population (in 2011) of Kullu district?

#15. What was the literacy rate (2011) of Kullu district?

#16. When was the Sikhs defeated the Palas of Kullu?

#17. Raghunath ji idol was brought from Ayodhya to Kullu in year:

#18. Which of the following is the oldest capital of the princely state of Kuluta (Kullu)?

#19. Who was the ruler of Kullu at the time of Meru Varman's invasion?

#20. Which of the following places has never been the capital of the princely state of Kullu?

#21. In which ancient book is the description of Kuloot (Kullu) found?

#22. Around the middle of the sixteenth century, which king of Kullu repressed the Thakurs who often challenged his authority?

#23. Who shifted the capital of the princely state of Kullu from Jagatsukh to Naggar?


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