Constitutional Framework and Citizenship MCQ Questions and Answers




#1. Which one of the following rights has been described by Dr. Ambedkar as ‘The heart and soul of the constitution’?

#2. Which schedule of Indian Constitution is related to panchayti Raj ?

#3. Which term is not used in the preamble of the Indian constitution ?

#4. The source of the basic structure theory of the constitution of India is?

#5. The provision of the sixth schedule shall not apply in which one of the following states?

#6. Which one of the following is not related to the constitutional Government ?

#7. The Indian constitution is divided in to?

#8. Which of the states of Indian federation has a separate constitution ?

#9. Which one of the following is not a part of the ‘basic structure’ of the Indian constitution ?

#10. The philosophical foundation of the Indian constitution is?

#11. Which article of Indian constitution declares Devnagri Hindi as an official language of India?

#12. Which of the following gave the idea of constituent Assembly for India?

#13. Who amongst the following was not a member of the drafting committee of the constitution?

#14. The tenth schedule of Indian constitution deals with

#15. The number of official languages recognized under 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution is

#16. How many articles are there in the Indian constitution?

#17. The feature of Indian constitution borrowed from South African constitution is:

#18. The words justice in the form of social, economic and political justice present in the Preamble has been taken from:

#19. The terms not introduced in the Preamble through the 42nd amendment are:

#20. Which case determined that the Preamble is a part of the constitution

#21. Which statements are correct?

#22. Which statements are correct?

#23. The parliament can make any law for the whole or any part of India for implementing international treaties?

#24. Under which one of the following constitution amendment act, four languages were added to the languages under the eighth schedule of the constitution of India thereby, raising their number to 22?

#25. Who among the following was the advisor of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly?

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