Third India And Central Asia Dialogue

Current Affairs

  • Held at New Delhi.
  • It is a annual ministerial level dialogue started from 2019 between India and five central Asian countries: Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan ,Turkmenistan, & Uzbekistan.
  • All participating countries are member of SCO (Sanghai Cooperation Organization) except Turkmenistan.
    It focuses on number of issue including ways to improve connectivity and stabilize war ravaged Afganistan.
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Importance of Central Asia To India

  • ENERGY SECURITY : these countries have substantial hydrocarbons field, natural gas and oil reserve which make them an attractive investment destination
  • REGIONAL SECURITY : Central Asia can be helpful in tackling the challenge of terrorism, drug trafficking and arms smuggling.
  • STRATEGIC LOCATION: act as bridge between different regions of Asia and between Asia and Europe. It  provide new route for north south Connectivity bypassing Pakistan, with the chabahar agreement in effect 
  • COMMERCIAL: provide an untapped market for Indian consumer goods like tea ,pharmaceutical industries.

Agreement That Aim To Improve India And Central Asia Ties 

  • International North South Transport Corridor
  • Conncentral Asia can be helpful in tackling the challenge of terrorisom,drug trafficking and arms smugglingect central Asia policy
  • Sanghai Cooperation organisation
  • Asghbat agreement
  • Tapi pipeline

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