The Government of Uttar Pradesh has announced that Mathura-Vrindavan is aiming to become a “net zero carbon emission” tourist destination by 2041

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  • Recently, the Uttar Pradesh government has announced to make Mathura-Vrindavan a ‘net zero carbon emission’ tourist destination by the year 2041.
  • This will be the first such carbon neutral master plan for any tourist destination in India.
  • Tourist vehicles will remain banned in the entire Braj region along with famous pilgrimage centers like Vrindavan and Krishna Janmabhoomi. Only electric vehicles used as public transport will be allowed in these areas.
  • All 252 water bodies and 24 forests in the area will also be revived.
  • The plan divides the entire region into four clusters, each containing two of the eight key cities.
  • “The idea is to form small circuits called ‘Parikrama Paths’ which the pilgrim can undertake either on foot or using electric vehicles.
  • In case they want to travel from one destination to another they can avail electric mini-buses.

Net Zero Carbon Emissions:-

  • It is referred to as carbon neutrality, which does not mean that a country/state would bring down its emissions to zero.
  • Rather, it is a state in which a country’s/state’s emissions are compensated by the absorption and removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
  • More than 70 countries have promised to become Net Zero by the middle of the century i.e., by 2050.

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