State of Climate Services Report 2021 by WMO – Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Released by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

  • Terrestrial water storage (TWS) dropped at a rate of 1 cm per year in 20 years (2002-2021).
  • The biggest losses have occurred in Antarctica and Greenland. 
  • TWS: – It is the sum of all water on the land surface and in the subsurface, i.e. surface water, soil moisture, snow and ice and groundwater. 
  • Most of the drought-related deaths occurred in Africa and most of the flood-related deaths & economic losses were witnessed in Asia.
  • Increasing temperatures are resulting in global & regional precipitation changes which will also lead to shifts in rainfall patterns as well as agricultural seasons.

Indian Scenario

  • India is the ‘topmost hotspot of TWS loss’.
  • India recorded the highest TWS loss after Antarctica and Greenland @ rate of at least 3 cm per year. 
  • Northern part of India has experienced the maximum loss.
  • 5 of the 21 river basins in India are ‘absolute water scarce’ and 3 are ‘water stressed’ according to the Falkenmark Water Stress Indicator.
  • Falkenmark indicator: It relates the total freshwater resources with the total population in a country. It also indicates the pressure that the population puts on water resources.

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