Russia launched GigaChat to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Current Affairs

  • Russian banking institution, Sberbank announced the release and testing phase of an AI chatbot called Gigachat that will compete with OpenAI’s ChatGP.
  • GigaChat is claimed to be able to communicate more intelligently in Russian than foreign languages and is said to be able to answer questions, hold conversations, and write program code.
  • Being released to a small community, testers can sign up through a closed Telegram channel.
  • GigaChat is the second AI chatbot to be introduced in Russia, after the country banned ChatGPT, last November, due to fears of disinformation and criminal use.
  • According to Sberbank, what separates GigaChat from other global neural networks is its capacity to converse more intelligently in Russian.
  • Since Western countries have cut their exports to Russia by imposing severe sanctions over Moscow’s activities in Ukraine, Russia’s leading bank has made major investments in tech in an effort to lessen the country’s reliance on imports. GigaChat is one of the “fruits” of its investments in tech.

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