Research, Education and Training Outreach (REACHOUT) Scheme

Current Affairs

  • The Research, Education and Training Outreach (REACHOUT) scheme is a program launched by the Indian government to promote research, education and training in the country.
  • The Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences has initiated the REACHOUT Scheme to advance research, education, and training in the realm of Earth Sciences.
  • The program aims to encourage collaboration between academic institutions, industry, and government to improve the quality of education and research in India.

It consists of the following sub-schemes:-

  • R&D in Earth System Science (RDESS)
  • International Training Centre for Operational Oceanography (ITCOocean)
  • Program for Development of Skilled manpower in Earth System Sciences (DESK)

The main objectives of the above sub-schemes are:-

  • Supporting various R &D activities in the thrust areas of different components of Earth System Sciences that are theme and need based and that would help in attaining the National goals set up for MoES.
  • Develop useful collaborations with international organizations for mutual transfer of advanced knowledge in science and technology in Earth Sciences and to provide services to developing countries.
  • Develop skilled and trained manpower in Earth Sciences with the support of academic institutions in the country and abroad.

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