Notification issued by Tamil Nadu Government of its first and India’s 35th Biodiversity Heritage Site

Current Affairs

  • Recently, the Tamil Nadu Government issued a notification declaring Arittapatti in Melur block, Madurai district, a Biodiversity Heritage Site (BHS).
  • It is Tamil Nadu’s first and India’s 35th Biodiversity Heritage Site.
  • The Site spreads in an area of 193.215 hectares in Arittapatti and Meenakshipuram villages in the Madurai district.
  • The notification comes under the Biological Diversity Act, 2002, and will strengthen biodiversity conservation and protect from rapid loss of biodiversity.
  • Arittapatti consists of a chain of seven barren granite hillocks. It supports 72 lakes, 200 natural spring pools, and 3 check dams.
  • The region also has historical importance – Tamil Brahmi inscriptions, Jain Beds, and Rock-cut temples which are 2,200 years old. Further, the Government of Tamil Nadu considers that the 7 inselbergs of Arittapatti will be of adequate biodiversity importance.
  • Biodiversity heritage sites are well-defined areas that are unique, ecologically fragile ecosystems with high diversity of wild and domesticated species, presence of rare and threatened species, and keystone species.

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