New India Literacy Programme (NILP) Launched

Current Affairs

  • Government has launched a new Centrally Sponsored Scheme namely, “New India Literacy Programme” (NILP) for implementation during five years from the FYs 2022-23 to 2026-27 with financial outlay of Rs.1037.90 crore out of which Rs.700.00 crore is Central share and Rs.337.90 crore is State share.
  • The scheme aims to cover a target of 5.00 crore non-literates in the age group of 15 years and above.
  • The scheme is mainly implemented through online mode and is based on technology.
  • Teaching and learning materials and resources are available on the DIKSHA platform of NCERT and can be accessed through the mobile app.
  • Under this scheme, means like TV, Radio, Social Awareness Center etc. are also used for spreading basic literacy and numeracy.

The Scheme has five components:

  • Foundational Literacy and Numeracy,
  • Critical Life Skills,
  • Vocational Skills Development,
  • Basic Education and
  • Continuing Education

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