ISRO has released the Landslide Atlas of India

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  • According to the recently released ‘Landslide Atlas’ report of ISRO’s Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC), the two hilly districts of Uttarakhand, Rudraprayag and Tehri, are most prone to landslides.
  • The National Remote Sensing Center has released a list of 147 districts prone to landslides across the country, in which Rudraprayag is at number one and Tehri at number two.
  • Another Uttarakhand district, Tehri is at the second spot in the list of landslide prone districts. It has over two dozen landslide zones, including Totaghati which has been identified as a “very chronic landslide site”.
  • For the first time, scientists did a risk assessment on the basis of 80,000 landslides recorded between 1998 and 2022 in 147 districts in 17 states and two Union Territories to build a “Landslide Atlas” of the country.
  • The atlas used satellite data of ISRO to map all seasonal and event-based landslides like the Kedarnath disaster in 2013 and landslides triggered due to the Sikkim earthquake in 2011.
  • The pan-India landslide database classifies landslides into – seasonal (2014, 2017 monsoon seasons), event-based and route-based (2000 – 2017).

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