G20 agriculture ministers’ meeting

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Why in News:

The recently concluded three-day G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting in Hyderabad witnessed the adoption of an ‘Outcome Document and Chair’s Summary.’ The document reaffirmed the commitment to global food security and nutrition and called for concrete action in this regard.

Important Points:

  • The ‘Outcome Document and Chair’s Summary’ was hailed as a historic consensus achieved after extensive deliberations on various agricultural sector issues, with a focus on the leadership of G20 developing countries.
  • India’s initiatives during the meeting included presenting the Deccan High Level Principles on Food Security and Nutrition 2023 and the 12th G20 MACS international initiative for research on millets and ancient grains. These efforts aim to strengthen global food security and nutrition.
  • The Deccan High Level Principles demonstrate the G20’s collective responsibility in responding to global food security crises. They also emphasize providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable countries and populations, enhancing food safety nets, focusing on climate-smart and resilient agricultural supply chains.
  • The International Millets and Other Ancient Grains Research Initiative (MAHARISHI) aims to foster research collaborations and raise awareness about millets and ancient grains during the International Years of Millets 2023 and beyond.
  • The G20 Ministers of Agriculture expressed grave concern over the worsening global food insecurity situation and escalating malnutrition rates in several developing and least developed countries, despite the long-term increase in global food production to meet the needs of a growing population.
  • The ministers reaffirmed the urgency to promote food security and nutrition, as previously noted in the G20 Matera and Bali Leaders’ Declarations, recognizing the challenges posed by poverty, the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, biodiversity loss, and ongoing conflicts.
  • In their ‘Call for Action’ on ‘Food Security and Nutrition,’ the ministers addressed concerns about high food and fertilizer prices, disruptions in global supply chains, and excessive price volatility.
  • The importance of diverse, safe, and sustainable nutritious food to improve food security and nutrition was stressed, along with encouragement for initiatives promoting innovation in crop development, production, and consumption patterns.
  • The ministers agreed to share best practices and experiences to advance food security and nutrition programs. They also pledged collaboration in climate-resilient technologies, nature-based solutions, ecosystem-based approaches, and the dissemination of traditional and local knowledge for sustainable agriculture.
  • A holistic ‘One Health’ approach was called for, aiming to optimize the health of people, animals, plants, and ecosystems while combating antimicrobial resistance and mitigating risks from emerging and existing zoonotic diseases.
  • The G20 Ministers expressed gratitude to India’s Presidency for its leadership in shaping the agricultural agenda in 2023 and looked forward to Brazil’s Presidency in 2024 and South Africa’s Presidency in 2025.

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