Freedom House released “Freedom in the World-2023 Report”

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Freedom House released the 50th edition of the report titled “Freedom in the World 2023 Report” and identified Tibet, South Sudan and Syria as the “not free countries” in the world.

Tibet ranked as world’s least free country:-

  • This is the third consecutive year that Tibet has been ranked at the bottom of the list in Freedom House’s surveys conducted in 2021 and 2022.
  • The report stated that residents of Tibet were deprived of basic rights, both Chinese and Tibetan, and that the Chinese government is ruthless in suppressing any signs of dissent among Tibetans.

Freedom House:-

  • Founded in 1941, Freedom House was the first American organization to support the advancement of freedom globally.
  • This organization is dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.
  • Since 1973, Freedom House has been releasing the ‘Freedom in the World Report’.
  • The Freedom in the World report is composed of numerical ratings and supporting descriptive texts for 195 countries and 15 territories and External analysts assess 210 countries and territories.

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