Five handicraft products of Madhya Pradesh receives GI Tag

Current Affairs

  • Five handicraft products of Madhya Pradesh have received Geographical Indications (GI) tags.
  • These 5 products include Gond Painting of Dindori, Carpet of Gwalior, Batik Print of Ujjain, Stone Craft of Jabalpur Bhedaghat and Saree of Varasivni of Balaghat.
  • This is the first time that so many products of the state have received GI tag simultaneously.
  • Along with this, the number of GI tagged products has increased to 19 in the state.
  • Anubha Srivastava told G.I. Tag (Geographical Indications Tag) is a type of level in which a product is given a special geographical identity, which is given by the Union Ministry of Commerce.
  • He said that with the cooperation of the NABARD Textile Committee and the Ministry of Textiles, the state government has achieved this success in coordination with the Cottage & Village Industries department and local producer organizations.

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