Fit India Champion Arjun Vajpai Summits Mount Annapurna

Current Affairs

  • Indian professional mountaineer Arjun Vajpai (Rajasthani) successfully scaled the world’s 10th highest mountain Annapurna Mountain located in Nepal.
  • Annapurna Mountain is believed to be the most dangerous among 14 mountains with a peak of 8,000 meters.
  • Arjun completed the ascent at a height of 8091 meters above the ground on 17th April and has now become the first Indian to climb seven mountains above 8000 metres.
  • He now wants to become the first Indian to scale all the 14 mountains with 8000 meter peak in the world.
  • This was Arjuna’s third attempt for Annapurna.
  • The first attempt was in 2019 without oxygen which could not be completed.
  • In 2022, again attempted Mount Annapurna, but had to turn back from a distance of 150 metres.
  • Arjun returned to Camp-4 after conquering Annapurna, but in this journey two Indian climbers went missing and a fellow climber from Ireland died in Camp-4.
  • Arjun was finally brought to the base camp with the help of helicopter.

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